Adding clothes to your closet.

To add a new clothing to your wardrobe, press the + button on the upper right side. You can then take or select photos for your clothing, enter some additional settings, and select its visibility. While you do this, the app will use AI to examine the photo and learn it's attributes in order help you find it later.

1 - Use the Subject feature. This will use AI built into the app to capture the item featured and remove the background automatically. This is usually the best way to go.

2 - Use the Person feature. This will capture the clothing and the person wearing it. This is best used with items that do not photograph well on their own, for example silver colored jewlery or jewlery which contain fine details such as strands that when held against a hand looks better than on its own .

3 - Use the Clothing feature. This will try to capture only clothing and remove background as well as individuals in the picture.

4 - Or you may decide to leave the background in and have them show in your outfits.

Tip 1 - Background

If you want to take picture of clothing but remove the background, use a background that is not only a different color than the clothing but one that can be visually distinguishable. For example wooden flooring has proven itself to be a great choice to be photographed on. It usually removes very well.

Tip 2 - Clothes Hangers

While hung clothing photograph well, they usually leave parts of the clothes hanger within the photo and it need to be removed manually. Using clear clothes hangers makes it significanly easier to photograph pictures of clothings and not have the hanger within the photo. (If you purchase one please make sure it is clear and flat, not one with a diamond pattern or a frosty appearance)


A What To Wear account is required to make the most of What To Wear.

To create an account, simply enter an email and password as part of profile setup and check the email in order to click the verification link send to it.  This account allows you to:

1 - Access your account in care your device is replaced due to damage or an upgrate.

2 - Have an email associated to your account for account recovery verification purposes.

Please do not reuse a password used elsewhere and do maintain a copy of your password. It is also important to use an email you will not lose access to.