What To Wear Community.

The What to Wear community is mean to be a welcoming community about personal fashion. To that end there community rules that must be adhered to.  We ask that you:

Keep wearables wearables.

Wearables are items you wear. Upload and label items as they are.       

Keep outfits outfits. 

An outfit is an ensemble of individual clothing. They should not be photograph, used for other purposes, or be in anyway misleading.

Do not be a bully or be offensive. 

Racism, sexism, supremacy, etc are not allowed.          

Do not impersonate others.   

This includes name, copying of profile pictures, titles/roles such as Administator, etc. 

Do not spam others. 

Friendship features, chats, feed posts, and discussion on items are not intended to pester others.   


Tip 1 - Report problems

Use the flag icon or Report menu items to report problems.