Adding Friends.

What to Wear lets you search for your friends so you can send them frienmd requests and connect.  To find your friends, go to Others section  and type in their name to narrow down the list.  Then press the icon on upper-right corner of their name to send a friend request.

Friend Requdsts will last for a period of time before they are automatically cancelled.  Then can also be cancelled by you or the other person.

Tip 1 - Unwanted requests.

If you recieve an unwated request you can cancel it by using the same icon on upper right side of the other person's profile in the requests page.  Additionally you can block someone if they send you too many requests.           

Tip 2 - Unwanted requests.

It is recommened you cancel unwanted requests instead of letting them time out. By cancelling them you let the system know someone is making unwanted requests and this will count against their account.