Adding outfits to your closet.

To add a new outfits to your closet, press the + button on the upper right side. You can then take or select clothing for your outfit, enter some additional settings, and select it's visibility at the bottom of the screen. Within the outfit editor you can perorm the following tasks:  

Add a wearable, prop, figure, or background.  Do add an item, press the + button on the left side and choose what you want dd.  You can choose items from your own closet or others.

Remove an item.  To remove an item press on it and drag it down to  the trash can symbol on bottom of the left side.

Rearrange items. You van move items back and forth by dragging them up and down on the left side.  Resize them by using two fingers and resizing them. Rotate them by using two fingers and rotating them.  And move them around by simply drag and dropping them.              

Tip 1 - Background Manipulation

By default, the background positioning will be locked so it is not accidentally moved while an outfit is being layed out. To manipulate the background you can unlock it first by using the icon on the right side of the screen.

Tip 2 - Background Transparency

You can adjust the transparency of the backgroud using the controls on the right side of the screen. Try to have your backgrounds add to an outfit layout not distract from it.